Kate Buttimer


My journey to becoming an EFT practitioner was through my own life experiences. I found through going to a practitioner release from trauma I had gone through which was haunting me. I regained an interest to learn and experience more about the technique leading to me training to become an EFT practitioner in 2016. I am excited and happy to help people to find new ways to live and progress themselves.

EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique helps to relieve tension and energy blocks in the body. It is non harmful and continues to grow with people learning how to tap. It works for many people and taps on meridian points on the body.

"Totally relaxed in my body - all tension went, mentally I didnt feel agitated and hooked on usual thoughts/feelings. Started thinking all the positive, exciting opportunities for the future". Quote from a recent client after a session of Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping).


"After listening carefully to my tale of a problem I had with stuck energy, Kate identified that EFT could be just the thing to release it. She then took me through the process, and it really worked! It is now a week later and the feeling I had has not returned. No negative side effects just an absence of the feeling that was troubling me. I would highly recommend Kate and would like to say thank you very much!"